Temporary Immigration Services

Every year millions foreign nationals come to Canada for shorter stays which may be for studies, tourism, meet family members or friends, attend business matters, or as temporary foreign workers to meet the shortage of skilled or low-skilled workers in specific high demand occupations.

Various kinds of temporary visas that are issued to foreign nationals for such short visits are called Temporary Resident Visas and their further categorization depends upon the cause and nature of the applicant’s temporary stay in Canada.

The visa officers at Canadian visa officer abroad make decisions on the basis of an applicant’s personal circumstances and ties with country of nationality and clear intentions of leaving Canada after the purpose of the temporary stay is accomplished. Though there are a number of temporary visa categories, following are the most common ones:

  • Work Permit (Temporary Foreign Worker)
  • Study Visa (Foreign Students)
  • Visitor Visa (Business or Personal visitors)


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