Provincial Programs

It is always better to submit an application under a Provincial Nominee program as it can be considered as being more advantageous compared to the other immigration programs of Canada.

Following are the benefits of Provincial Nominee Program of Canada:

1. Provincial Nominee Program leads to quicker processing of your application. This could make possible faster award of a Permanent Resident status. With a quicker approval, it would mean no more standing in queues or read-through your status online or waiting continuously for Immigration.

2. When compared to the Federal Immigration program, the eligibility criteria on the Points Based System are very strict. But Provincial Nominee Programs of different provinces has relaxed criteria.

3. Provincial Nominee program system is likely to differ for each state. There are a lot of applicants who wind up not qualifying under the Federal Skilled Worker program. The Provincial Nominee program is a fresh breathe for such candidates.
4. The criteria of PNP are different for every province which makes it very easy for the candidate to submit an application. These provincial programs do not have criteria relating to the Point Based System.

5. Some provinces are very friendly to employers. In such a case, if an employer finds a person who he thinks would be competent in contributing to the Canadian economy, province would usually accept the employer. Nevertheless, the employer has to show evidence of his good faith and that he is genuine.

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