Canadian Citizenship Services

The next substantial step for an immigrant after becoming a permanent resident of Canada is to gain the coveted pride of becoming a Canadian Citizen and be a proud blue passport holder with its esteemed privileges and prestige.
Canadian citizenship is a status that illuminates its holder’s rights and privileges and grants an absolute say in the democratic process.

The criteria for becoming a Canadian citizen vary depending upon certain factors that are listed below:

  • Age
  • Permanent resident status
  • Time lived in Canada
  • Language abilities
  • Criminal history (prohibitions)
  • Knowledge of Canada

Most of the Canadian immigrants consider the citizenship process a conducive and smooth sailing and take it as a just another exercise of filling the forms; with this perception, they feel at liberty to manipulate the information that they provide while submitting their citizenship applications. One most important factor that such applicants don’t realize is that transparency and truthfulness must always be followed while providing any information to Citizenship and Immigration Canada either while applying for Canadian citizenship or permanent residence.
Misrepresentation is a serious violation of Citizenship and Immigration laws and can ignite an investigation against the applicant. It is always possible that one might otherwise be eligible to qualify for Canadian citizenship only if a proper advice is sought from any experienced professional. And that’s where we can provide you; the all-important advice that could save you thousands of dollars in the shape of unanticipated fees in case you end up facing the enforcement action by the immigration authorities.
Furthermore, interpretation of eligibility factors varies from one applicant to the other, primarily depending upon the applicant’s age. A detailed description of how these factors are applied on every citizenship applicants has been given on relevant pages of this main topic; or you can contact and we will provide our free advice on your citizenship eligibility.
Canadian Citizenship Application Forms for Adults
Canadian Citizenship Application Forms for Minors

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